Andrea Jenkins



Andrea Jenkins

Andrea won her race for a seat on Minneapolis’ city council and became the first openly transgender Black woman to serve in public office anywhere in the United States.

Running for: Minneapolis (MN) City Council, Ward 8
Party affiliation: Democrat
Election date: November 7, 2017

The National Center for Transgender Equality Action Fund endorsed Andrea Jenkins for Minneapolis City Council. Along with Phillipe Cunningham, Jenkins was one of two Black transgender candidates in the City Council race this year. After winning her election, she became be the first openly transgender woman to serve on the City Council.

Jenkins has more than 25 years of public service experience as a Minneapolis City Council policy aide, nonprofit executive director and consultant, and Hennepin County employment specialist. She is also an award-winning poet, writer, and performer.  In 2015, Jenkins became the first Oral Historian for the Transgender Oral History Project of the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies at the University of Minnesota. She has lived in the Bryant neighborhood for 16 years. A proud parent and grandparent, she is also in a long-term, committed relationship.

Learn more about Andrea Jenkins at her website.